CatComfort Calming Spray
Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spray 30 ml

CatComfort Calming Spray

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CatComfort Calming Spray

30 ml

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CatComfort Calming Spray

60 ml

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Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spray

Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spray uses pheromones, which are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance, and reduces general anxiety caused by everyday stresses around the home.

BeapharCatComfort Calming Spray is a simple and effective solution to reducing problem behaviour in cats, such as inappropriate scratching and urination, or general feelings of anxiety. This handy spray is perfect for use anywhere around the home, and can be sprayed directly onto your cat's bedding, helping them feel settled and preventing destructive behaviour. 

Beaphar CatComfort contains a copy of the naturally produced cat facial pheromone, which gives a reassuring message to let cats know that this a safe area for them to be in.

Ideal for everyday use, during events such as fireworks or parties, and is especially useful in cat carriers during stressful travel or trips to the vet or cattery. Each application lasts for up to 5 hours.


  • Spray cat carriers 15 minutes before use 
  • Spray on cat flaps to encourage use 
  • Spraying targeted areas can help prevent marking or unwanted spraying 
  • Spraying window ledges can reduce general anxiety caused by neighbourhood cats.


  • Do not spray scratching posts, as this may prevent your cat from using them 
  • Do not spray cat carriers while the cat is inside 
  • Do not spray directly onto the cat.

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