Canina Pharma Equolyt Bio-Eczema-Protection 1 l
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Canina Pharma Equolyt Bio-Eczema-Protection  1 l   pris

Equolyt Bio-Eczema-Protection

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1 l
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366,30 kr*
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Canina Pharma Equolyt Bio-Eczema-Protection

Effective protection agaist eczema and all kinds of pests.

Recommendation for use:

  • Rub the liguid in the head (protect eyes), neck, flanks, tail, mane and all prominent bodyparts.
  • Apply 2 or 3 times a week. Daily application is also possible if needed. 
  • Caution: Do not apply Equolyt if there are open wounds on the body.

Firstly pretreat the skin with

until it becomes intact again. If the irritation has already occured, rub in the affected skin areas intensively with Equolyt Bio-Eczema Protection using sponge or any cloth. Repeat this therapy during consecutive days.

Thereafter, Equolyt Bio-Eczema Protection can be applied as needed, depending on the infestation and severity of lesions.

Equolyt Bio-Eczema Protection is applied as repellent against ectoparasites, making the animal environment no more acceptable for them.

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