DuoProtect Spray - ON
Beaphar DuoProtect Spray - ON 250 ml

DuoProtect Spray - ON

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250 ml
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Fästingspray, schampoo och puder

Beaphar DuoProtect Spray - ON

This care product is suitable for dogs from at least 12 weeks of age. Supports the maintenance of a healthy skin and coat. The Duo-Complex of nourishing Aloe Vera and dimethicone immobilizes ticks, fleas and other parasites such as mosquitoes, mites and lice through purely physical means.

This spray does not contain (chemical) insecticides, but silicones (dimethicone) that form a sticky layer around ticks fleas, mites, etc. Because of this, they will be paralyzed andwill not be able to move anymore. The parasites will fall from the coat or can be brushed off of it. The spray has a nourishing effect on the coat for approximately 8-10 days.

Shelf life: 24 months

How to administer: Spray in the opposite direction of the natural hair growth with a distance of at least 10 cm.

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