JW Dog's Gridball with Original Whimzees Chewing Crocodile M

Dog's Gridball with Original Whimzees Chewing Crocodile

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Dog's Gridball with Original Whimzees Chewing Crocodile


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Dog's Gridball with Original Whimzees Chewing Crocodile


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JW Dog's Gridball with Original Whimzees Chewing Crocodile

This chewing delicacy made of natural caoutchouc, which is with delicacy filling inside Whimzees Crocodile.

Unique forms of Whimzees support blood flow to gums and prevent offensive breath and dental tartar appearance.

Whimzees has six natural ingredients, which are quite functional and don't contain chemical ingredients, colorants, flavour intensifiers and preservatives and GMO, gluten or meat. They are, also rich in fibre content and low-calories content and sugar:

  • POTATO STARCH - highly digestible, gluten-free and a great source of energy.

  • GLYCERIN - increases palatability and helps our chews retain moisture.

  • POWDERED CELLULOSE - a pure form of dietary fiber that helps polish a dog’s teeth and aids in digestive tract regularity.

  • LECITHIN - an all-natural emulsifier derived from vegetables.

  • MALT EXTRACT - gluten-free and improves metabolism, muscle tone and promotes strong bones.

  • YEAST - source of B vitamins, minerals and amino acids for a healthier coat and easy digestion.

  • COLORS - vary


  • S - 9 cm
  • M - 13 cm

Potato starch, glycerin, cellulose powder, lecithin, yeast, dyes (malt extract, annatto extract, alfalfa extract).

Råfett 2.3-4%
Växttråd 13.7%
Fukt 12%
Råprotein 1.1%

Recommended as everyday chewing, depending on the dog weight.

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