Spring Algae Stop
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Spring Algae Stop

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When the garden pond awakens again in spring, algae infestation often begins thanks to increased sun exposure. Too many algae can ruin biological balance of your pond and should therefore be reduced to maintain a healthy level right before a new pond season starts.

Spring Algae Stop was specially created for preventing of algae problem in spring. It's intelligent Light Filters SpektroSkop reduces a light output of the algae, whose photosynthesis activity is thus stopped. Therefore infestants like Floating algae (mostly appears as green water) as well as cyanobacteria (blue) gradually disappear.

Application: Use in the morning for optimal results. Add 50 ml of Algae Stop per 1.000 liters of pond water. After 2 to 3 weeks, add the same amount to increase the efficiency and to combat germination of permanent forms. Avoid contact of the undiluted product with aquatic plants. When used properly, no side effects on fish, plants and amphibians are known. Fish can remain in the pond during treatment.

For best results adjust the pH value in the optimum range before use, if necessary with TeichFit. The pH rapid test from Söll is suitable for monitoring. For blue-green infestation: add 10 ml of Spring Algae Stop during 5 consecutive days on 1.000 liters of pond water.

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