Diamond Care Classic
Biokat's Diamond Care Classic 8 l

Diamond Care Classic

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Diamond Care Classic

8 l

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Diamond Care Classic

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Biokat's Diamond Care Classic

With natural activated carbon for highly effective odour control
Diamond Care contains completely natural activated carbon for highly effective odour control, as well as added Aloe Vera for gentle care of your cat’s paws.

What is Biokat's "Diamond Formula"?
Our „Diamond Formula offers increased protection against unpleasant odours with completely natural activated carbon, as well as additional care from Aloe Vera.

Our "Black Diamonds" – highly effective activated carbon
Our natural, activated carbon is produced from coconut shells, a renewable natural raw material. Activated carbon is a highly porous carbon substance with an enormous surface area.

Our "Green Diamonds" – gentle care thanks to Aloe Vera
The Biokat's Aloe Vera Green Diamonds represent the Aloe which is used as a liquid, and sprayed onto the litter. This means that all of our litter kernels gain a caring feature from the Aloe Vera. Try it out for yourself - rub some of the kernels between your fingers. Can you feel how soft your skin feels afterwards? It's the feeling of care, which remains for a long time afterwards!

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