Aqua Della Cave
EBI Aqua Della Cave S 8.5x5 cm

Aqua Della Cave

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Aqua Della Cave EBI 4047059412381

EBI Aqua Della Cave

Aqua Della Cave EBI 4047059412398

EBI Aqua Della Cave

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8.5x5 cm
2. Mätning:
13.5x4.5 cm
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EBI Aqua Della Cave

Aqua Della Caves allow your fish to hide!

  • Made of Polyrin (synthetic resin)
  • Absolutely nontoxic
  • Suitable for freshwater or salt-water
  • Neutral on biological balance
  • Colour selection is not possible. It depends on availability of stock.
  • The price is per one item.

Attention: By no means use soap, detergents or toxic substances (as for instance hydrogen peroxide, nitrocellulose dilution or similar products). Please be careful when using medicines and other products containing formaldehyde. The colors of the deco-items can fade and the water can turn milky. Though it is impossible that the fish population is affected, it is recommended to remove the decoration from the basin for the time of usage of these means, and to put it back into the aquarium only after completion of treatment.





8.5x5 cm


13.5x4.5 cm

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