Sera Florena 50 ml


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50 ml

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100 ml

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250 ml

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500 ml

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5 l

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Sera Florena

Liquid care product for splendid aquatic plants

  • Basic care
  • With minerals and trace elements
  • UV stable
  • For aquarium plants

Sera Florena is the ideal care product for aquatic plants that take up nutrients mainly through the leaves.

Aquatic plants are very important in aquariums as they withdraw pollutants and algae nutrients from the water. sera florena provides aquatic plants with all important minerals and trace elements for healthy and colorful growth so they can fulfill this important task. Deficiencies are thus avoided without burdening the water with excess nutrients.

Furthermore, the new improved formula contains innovative, particularly stable iron complexes that even remain available when using UV-C water clarifiers at day. This product does not contain any nitrate nor phosphate. It is well tolerated by all invertebrates.

The combination of sera florena and sera florenette is perfectly balanced and fulfills all requirements of the different aquatic plant species.

Recommended dosage

  • Use the cap as a measure.
  • Dose 5 ml for every 20 liters once weekly or as required.
  • One capful, filled up to the end of the outer corrugation, equals 10 ml.

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