Nitrate Remover
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Nitrate Remover

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Nitrate Remover

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Nitrate Remover

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Nitrate degradation is caused by bacteria which depend on oxygen-free (anoxic) conditions. These conditions can not be created by conventional filters, which is why there is often too much of nitrate in water, resulting increased algae growth.

Nitrate Remover is the solution to natural nitrate balance in the aquarium. The patented filter medium can form bacteria layers of a certain depth, known as biofilms, which have oxygen-containing and oxygen-free zones. Nitrate remover consists of two rapidly degrading biopolymers (polyhydroxybutyric acid and polycaprolactone): a slowly degrading carrier material and a more rapidly degrading carbon source. The latter serves microorganisms as food (co-substrate) for their own metabolism.

Nitrate Remover therefore increases a biomass and metabolic activity of denitrifiers present in your aquarium. The softer biopolymer component degrades faster, thus Nitrate Remover does not stick. The granulated material therefore does not have to be moved, but can be applied directly in a practical mesh bag.

100 g of nitrate remover are used as a supplement up to 30 g of nitrate, thus providing high water quality for a long term. Water changes become less necessary, which reduces a stress for your aquarium inhabitants.

Place the mesh bag in the filter. Depending on the nitrate content and water volume, nitrate remover is completely degraded over time. Replace every 6 months.

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