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Pond Gloves S

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Pond Gloves S


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Pond Gloves M


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Pond Gloves L


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Pond Gloves XL


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Söll Pond Gloves S

These neoprene Pond Gloves make pond owners work more pleasant, especially when it comes to spring and autumn months and the garden season just starts or is already finished. The full-length gloves are made of two mm thick neoprene and keep the hands reliably protected.The neoprene Pond Gloves are available in five different sizes and therefore perfectly suit to every hand.

Thanks to the excellent insulating material properties, the hands are well protected in the colder season when filter technology, decorative elements or water plants are removed for overwintering and have to be placed back again in the spring. The freedom of movement of the fingers isn't restricted, and the gloves provide a good grip and high wearing comfort. Thanks to their fresh colors, Pond Gloves are a real eye-catcher.

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