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Ruff-tex Blue Bird

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Ruff-tex Blue Bird Hugglehounds 0813168011913

Hugglehounds Ruff-tex Blue Bird

Ruff-tex Blue Bird Hugglehounds 0813168011906

Hugglehounds Ruff-tex Blue Bird

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Hugglehounds Ruff-tex Blue Bird

Adorable animal characters come to life in exclusive HuggleHounds designs and unique fabrication and every dog is sure to love them! The natural rubber construction is uniquely fabricated to be flexible, stretch-able and durable and provides hours of guilt-free chewing fun. All natural, with no plastics and no PVC, these stuffed, bounce-able, ball-like creatures are sure to entertain for hours of canine fun. HuggleHounds Ruff -Tex is all natural rubber and are particularly good choices for tough chewing dogs. Latex has excellent mechanical properties for dog toys, and has outstanding resilience and tear resistance. Ruff -Tex toys are stuffed with polyurethane foam, which is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful chemicals. All paints used to enhance the toys are completely safe for dogs to play with, and chew on!

- Made of Ruff-Tex, a unique combination of thick-walled, flexible, 100% natural rubber and corduroy fabric;
- Eyes and nose are painted with safe colorings;
- Recommended for softer chewers;
- With super-loud squeaker.
- Lined with HuggleHounds super-durable, patent-pending Tuffut Technology, delivering the strongest plush toy for your pet.

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