Terra Faelis Turkey with Celery and Marigold 200 g, 100 g

Turkey with Celery and Marigold

Produktkod: 21951, 21955
Tillgänglighet: Slut i lager
Namn Vikt Pris Kvantitet
Turkey with Celery and Marigold

100 g

21,84 kr*
218.4 kr* / Kg

Turkey with Celery and Marigold

200 g

31,69 kr*
158.45 kr* / Kg

* Pris inkl. moms
* Priset inkluderar inte leveransavgift
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Terra Faelis Turkey with Celery and Marigold

Terra Faelis kitten menus finally allow the little tigers to enjoy our wonderful menus with 100% food grade raw materials. All kitten menus are grain-free with a very high meat content (approx. 90%) – just as the natural diet of young cats. Lots of fresh muscle meat high in protein and healthy linseed or salmon oil supply the energy little kittens need to explore the world. Healthy fruits and vegetables combined with marigold, chamomile, catnip and dandelion as well as the two super foods coconut and pumpkin seed powder boost the metabolism and healthy digestion. Terra Faelis offers little furry ones a completely natural and species-appropriate start to life – far away from K3 material, grains, synthetic products and sugar. Complete feed for growing cats.

The fat consumed through food essentially has three important functions for the adolescent cat:

  • it provides essential fatty acids;
  • it’s a carrier for fat-soluble vitamins;
  • it’s a concentrated source of energy.

Fukt 78.8%
Råprotein 9.1%
Råfett 8.6%
Råaska 1.1%
Växttråd 0.7%

Kitten's weight           Age / Daily requirement 
2- 8 month 9 - 12 month
0.5 kg 60-80g 100-130g
1 kg 120-150g 150-180g
1.5 kg 180-220g 200-240g
2 kg 260-300g 260-300g

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