Himalayan Salt stone
Marstall Himalayan Salt stone  3 kg

Himalayan Salt stone

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Marstall Himalayan Salt stone

Marstall Salzstein (with cord) – A natural salt from the region of the Himalayas! Table salt quality >97,5 % NaCl. Every stone is unique! During the formation of the Himalayas for over 250 million years ago, along the south west ridges, massive areas of salt deposits were formed. marstall Salt Stones are mined here, washed in clear brine and sun dried, then individually packed. In comparison to other salts, which are extracted using water vapour pressure, the Himalaya salt stones retain all
of their natural minerals and trace elements. Every stone is unique and so pure and rich in minerals, just like at the beginning of time. Every Marstall Salt Stones has high levels of NaCl >97,5% according to the Alimentarius Codex.
marstall Salzsteine are extremely hard and highly durable. The animals can’t bite bits off. Due to the borehole and cord, it is easy to attach.

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