Marstall Sinfonie  15 kg
Marstall Sinfonie 15 kg
Sinfonie 15 kg från Marstall EAN 4250006303315


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15 kg
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21 kr* / Kg

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Marstall Sinfonie

Marstall Sinfonie – this muesli is revitalising and refreshing, full of herbs and oat free. Especially chosen natural herbs are destemmed and cut, keeping their natural form, helping your horse to stay fit with a sense of well-being, resulting in open and free airways. Ideal used as a daily supplement with pellets, cereals or mueslis.

It has always been a known fact that herbs and essential oils have a strengthening and revitalising effect on the organism and have been appreciated by humans for a long time. Herbal treatments have a stimulating influence on the metabolism and circulation.

Marstall Sinfonie contains all the essential, destemmed aromatic herbs. Each herb having a certain effect. Some of the herbs in Sinfonie work soothing and have a relieving effect on the airways. Others have regeneratating and expectorant properties, antiseptic or are diuretic and responsible for regulating the immune system.

Sinfonie is an oat free, aromatic muesli-mix ideal for every horse. Besides all the natural herbs contained, we have added single components such as brewer’s yeast. Sinfonie-Vital-pellets, linseed and structured alfalfa to round up the ingredients. It supports the horses respiratory system, increases the horses well-being and strengthens the immune sys-

Råprotein 9.6%
Växttråd 9.2%
Råaska 6.8%
Råfett 4.3%
Kalcium 0.9%
Fosfor 0.4%
Natrium 0.3%
Magnesium 0.25%

When Sinfonie is soaked for 15 min. in hot water (1:1), the essential oils’ vapours will unfold, which
will then be inhaled when feeding takes place. 

Small horse approx. 0.2–0.5 kg
Large horse approx. 0.5–1 kg

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