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Marstall Condición  20 kg
Marstall Condición 20 kg
Condición 20 kg från Marstall EAN 4250006304510


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20 kg
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Marstall Condición

Marstall Condición – the high quality muesli for Pura Raza Espagñola (P.R.E.) and other dressage talents. Based on the original Iberian feed, with especially high quality protein and finely tuned essential amino acids (added in the pure form)
and a healthy proportion of oats. It contains oil which is rich in Ω-fatty acids. It is easily digestible and contains hydrothermal macerated corn and barley flakes and is extra rich in crude fibre to stimulate the chewing process. It contains or-
ganic selenium and is rich in copper and zinc to provide a beautiful coat, an impressive mane and healthy hooves.

Originally, the feed of Spanish horses often consisted of low protein feeding straw and an additional ration rich in protein and energy from oats, alfalfa, peas, beans and carob as well as sunflower seeds containing oil or oil fed directly. The result is well-formed, lively, expressive horses with strong nerves that have a noble exterior and a solid noblesse. These horses need a special supply of high-quality protein (above all the essential, sulphurous amino acid methionine) for round, well-formed muscles and for the development of keratin proteins for thick hair, a beautiful mane and strong hooves.

Marstall Condición has been adjusted to meet the requirements of Spanish horse breeds and all types of horses specialising in dressage, as it has been based on the Iberian feed and aligned with the basic hay feed in Germany:
The starch content has been deliberately reduced and highly digestible hydrothermal macerated muesli flakes, golden oats and vegetable oil rich in Ω-3-fatty acids satisfy the energy requirements. High quality proteins from soya, rapeseed or brewer’s yeast as well as peas, alfalfa and most importantly the essential amino acids which are added to Condición, in a pure form, supply the needs for a horse’s well proportioned muscle build and round body contours as well as enhancing skin, hair and hooves.

Råprotein 13.8%
Växttråd 10%
Råaska 7%
Råfett 6%
Kalcium 0.9%
Fosfor 0.5%
Natrium 0.35%

Condición as a single food supplement:

Small horse/pony approx. 290 g per 100 kg bodyweight/day
Thoroughbred: approx. 340 g per 100 kg bodyweight/day
P.R.E.: approx. 350 g per 100 kg bodyweight/day
Warm blooded horse: approx. 420 g per 100 kg bodyweight/day

Feeding recommendation per day for a dressage horse with a bodyweight of 500 kg (bw):

Condición as an additional supplement to a forage diet (straw):
Light work approx. 1.5 – 1.7 kg
Moderate work approx. 2.5 – 3 kg
Young stallion (450 kg) approx. 2.5 – 3 kg
Warm blooded dressage horse to enhance body form approx. 2 – 3 kg

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