Haferfrei (Oats free)
Marstall Haferfrei (Oats free)  20 kg
Marstall Haferfrei (Oats free) 20 kg
Haferfrei (Oats free) 20 kg från Marstall EAN 4250006300017

Haferfrei (Oats free)

Produktkod: 20011
Tillgänglighet: I lager
20 kg
260,38 kr*
234,34 kr*
11,72 kr* / Kg

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Marstall Haferfrei (Oats free)

Marstall Haferfrei – The classical muesli without oats - proven to be a much loved recipe. Double minerals and vitamins. An economical feed - suitable in combination with our other feeds. Also appropriate as an additional supplement. Ideally
suited as part of the staple diet. The two-fold mineralization and vitamination makes Haferfrei suitable for the targeted 1:1 ratio to be mixed with your own oats, pellets or another cereal/type of muesli. In this way an in-house or individually
balanced concentrated feed can be put together ac-cording to performance demands.

Haferfrei meets the demands of all horses and provides enough vitamins, minerals and above all the trace elements which cannot be sufficiently found in hay (copper, zinc and selenium). Our economical and top quality marstall Haferfrei product is popular amongst all horse owners whether for just a small horse stock or for a large riding stables and competetive stables. Haferfrei is freshly produced.

Växttråd 10%
Råprotein 9.8%
Råaska 6%
Råfett 3.6%
Kalcium 0.9%
Fosfor 0.3%
Natrium 0.2%
Magnesium 0.2%

Haferfrei as an additional supplement to a forage diet.
Light work: approx. 1.5 – 1.7 kg
Moderate work: approx. 2,0 – 3,0 kg
Specific pre-mixed vitamins and trace-elements (1.35%)

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