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Happy Horse Zebra Stripes 1 kg

Zebra Stripes

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Zebra Stripes

1 kg

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Zebra Stripes

2.50 kg

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Happy Horse Zebra Stripes

Scientists have discovered why zebras are more protected by their stripes against bloodsucking insects. Dark-hair horses draw linear polarized light while bright animals reflect unpolarized light. Polarized light attracts insects a lot. Striped fur reflects the light back into patterns, thus it makes Zebras for bloodsuckers unattractive; thus stripes help your horse.

Our special clay granules have been developed by ceramic neurons and offer the following advantages:

  • The granules for unlimited dry storage;
  • Fast drying, non-greasy and provides fine white stripes;
  • Using a brush or a special dosing bottle is easy to apply and really funny;
  • Pure natural product without any additives.

How to use:

  • The shaker is already equipped with beaker. One white line can be made by one tablespoon;
  • Then double the amount of water - lid and shake vigorously. Let swell about 30 minutes (the longer the better);
  • Then stir and apply with a brush. Your creativity has no limits, however, it has been found that narrow strips enhance the effect;
  • The mixed amount must be used within 24 hours. The brush and the beaker can be easily cleaned with water.

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