Bowl party 10
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Bowl party 10

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200 ml
Bowl Party 2 Ferplast 8010690029986

Ferplast Bowl Party 2

300 ml
Bowl Party 4 Ferplast 8010690029993

Ferplast Bowl Party 4

500 ml
Bowl Party 14 Ferplast 8010690030043

Ferplast Bowl Party 14

700 ml
Bowl Party 16 Ferplast 8010690030050

Ferplast Bowl Party 16

1 l
Bowl Party 8 Ferplast 8010690030012

Ferplast Bowl Party 8

2 l
Bowl party 10 Ferplast 8010690030029

Ferplast Bowl party 10

3 l
Bowl Party 12 Ferplast 8010690030036

Ferplast Bowl Party 12

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Ferplast Bowl party 10

With Party feeding bowls, dinner-time will be fun!

Party feeding bowls for cats and dogs are made of coloured plastic and are round with a lateral handle, allowing a firm grip when moving them. Party bowls also have a non-slip rubber rim, for maximum stability.
The range includes nine different sizes, for cats and dogs of all dimensions. The small bowls, like Party 2, Party 4 and 6 are best suited to cats and there are six sizes suitable for dogs, ranging from 0.3 to 3 litres. In addition, Party 14 is for dogs with long ears and has a special elongated shape. The Party 16 and Party 18 models have a double-compartment and are ideal for providing your cat or dog with food and water at the same time.

Party bowls are made of lightweight, resistant plastic. They are perfect for everyday use and can also be used when travelling, as they can be easily slipped into a bag or rucksack and used when needed.

  • Safe grip thanks to the ergonomic handle
  • Made of lightweight plastic, ideal when you are travelling with your dog or cat
  • Party 14: a specific bowl for dogs with long ears
  • Party 16 : equipped with a double compartment for water and food

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