Nano Care set
Dennerle Nano Care set 3x15 ml

Nano Care set

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3x15 ml
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Dennerle Nano Care set

The set contains 3 products:

1. Water conditioner.

Nano Water Conditioner - for viable aquarium water. Unfortunately, fresh tap water is not directly suitable for aquaria, however, as it may contain substances which pose a threat to fish, shrimps, crabs and plants. Invertebrates are particularly sensitive to contaminants such as chlorine and copper in the water. Equally, important constituents of natural waters, such as trace elements and organic colloids, are lacking in tap water. Dennerle Nano Water Conditioner has been developed especially for mini aquaria, and in particular such aquaria stocked with shrimps and crabs. It renders critical substances in tap water harmless and adds active substances. Dangerous chlorine is swiftly neutralised. Toxic heavy metals such as copper, nickel, zinc, lead and cadmium are effectively bound, rendering them harmless. Organic protective colloids envelop fish like a second skin, providing gills, skin and fins with lasting protection from harmful environmental influences. Natural minerals promote the moulting of crabs and shrimps and support the formation of a strong and healthy shell.

2. Daily fertiliser

Plants are crucially important for the biological balance in an aquarium. So it is important to ensure that they are always growing well. Because only then can they fulfil their important functions. Every plant needs a specific amount of different nutrients for healthy growth. If just one element is lacking, the plants exhibit poor growth and pale, yellow or translucent leaves.
Dennerle Nano daily fertiliser has been designed especially for the delicate nutrient situation in Mini aquaria. It provides all plants with the nutrients they require every day. Valuable trace elements such as iron and manganese ensure lush, green leaves. Red and rust-coloured leaves are intensified and attractive markings made clearer.

3. Crusta-fit

Crusta Fit provides shrimps, crayfish, etc. with essential vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances. The Crusta-Care-Complex, especially developed by Dennerle, creates the best conditions for a long, healthy life and vibrant colours. Dexpanthenol protects the particularly delicate skin during the moulting phase and promotes the healing of minor injuries.
Bioactive calcium promotes problem-free moulting and a strong new shell.
The balanced multivitamin complex and special immune stimulators strengthen the body's defences.

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