Dennerle Nano Clean Corner Filter 10-40 l

Nano Clean Corner Filter

Produktkod: 14224, 14236
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Nano Clean Corner Filter

10-40 l

213,69 kr*

Nano CornerFilter XL

30 - 60 l

339,64 kr*
292,09 kr*
Du sparar 47,55 kr*

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Dennerle Nano Clean Corner Filter

  • Efficient, quiet, compact
  • Large surface area for filtering bacteria
  • Safe for shrimps and crabs

The nano corner filter is a high-performance device with a pump delivery rate of 150 l/h. The pump runs so smoothly and quietly that it is practically inaudible. Its modest power consumption of just 2 W additionally helps to conserve natural resources.

The water flow rate is infinitely adjustable and the filter outlet can be rotated by 90° to enable the flow of water to be channelled in any desired direction. The filter incorporates a nozzle tube with integrated cleaning slide and a mini-brush for simple cleaning of the nozzle openings.

The narrow intake openings and a very fine-pored preliminary bio foam ensure that the nano corner filter is also safe for young shrimps. Cleaning the filter element is simplicity itself: Just grip the outflow pipe and pull the filter forward. The rear half of the filter housing remains in the aquarium. Wash the filter element in a clean bucket with aquarium water, to avoid harming the important filtering bacteria.

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