FD Mixpur
Sera FD Mixpur  12 g
Sera FD Mixpur  12 g
FD Mixpur 12 g från Sera EAN 4001942012409

FD Mixpur

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12 g
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Sera FD Mixpur

The delicacy mixture for community aquariums

Sera FD Mixpur is particularly well suited as a treat for community aquariums. The blend of the food organisms Daphnia, Tubifex, bloodworms and Krill, which are also very popular among fish in nature, provides something for every taste and every size.

The gentle drying optimally retains the valuable nutrients of the natural food. The food therefore not only provides welcomed variety by actively adds to the diet of the fish. They are strengthened and their natural eating behavior is supported.

Compound feed for all ornamental fish

Bloodworms (27.8%), daphnia (27.8%), Tubifex (27.8%), krill (16.6%).

Råprotein 53.3%
Råaska 16.8%
Råfett 6.7%
Fukt 5.3%
Växttråd 3.7%

Feed several times a week, only as much as the animals take up within a short time, use for feeding in-between meals.

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